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Riverfest & Knitting Again! October 1, 2006

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There are quite a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about here, so why don’t I just dive right in..

First, the big news is I have now passed the 10,000 views mark over on Flickr. Woohoo!

Ottawa Riverfest @ Pinhey’s Point
In August I volunteered for the City of Ottawa as a photographer for an event held out at Pinhey’s Point Historic Site. This was a totally new experience for me and involved quite a bit of work. Normally I don’t take a lot of portraits so that was kind of new; also, I had to ensure that everyone whose photo I took was okay with me a) taking their photo so that b) the City could later use their image, either on the websites or in some promotional material or what have you. I did quite a bit of editing to the photos, especially since the day of the festival was not so nice, and eventually delivered the photos to the City.

Overall it was an interesting experience, here are a couple of samples:

Ottawa Riverfest, XVI (B&W) Ottawa Riverfest, XLV (B&W)
Ottawa Riverfest, XXXII (B&W) Ottawa Riverfest, XLI (B&W)
Ottawa Riverfest, LVIII (B&W)

For more photos visit the photoset – click here.
After that I began experimenting in HDR but have so far been met with, well, limited success at best. I will address that at a later date. There have been other photo-outings, the usual kind of nature stuff, some photos of the Ottawa Senators, and other miscellaneous pictures. Haven’t done too much – most recently, when dropping the photos off to the city I snapped a few quickies of the Billings Estate Museum.

Billings Estate, IV

It’s all about the weather.

Also I have returned to my knitting as the weather is getting *so* damn cold. I’m about 4′ into the Irish Hiking Scarf now and should have it finished before too long. I had left a couple of projects unfinished but hope to whip through them so that I can devote more time to a larger project.

From UFO to WIP again..!

There’s so much more to say!  But I’m tired, so for now that’s it..


Knitting Olympics – 1/2 Done! February 21, 2006

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Thought I’d post a photo of the finished mitten.  I am a little more than half-way through the second – gotta say, I’m quite pleased.  I really do feel confident now that I can get a handle on bigger and more complicated patterns.  The other day I also bought myself a big pair of giant needles (giant for me, anyway) so that in future I should be able to get scarves out fairly quickly with some chunky yarn – it’s nice to have options, y’know.

Anyhow, here is the first mitten laying across my iBook’s keyboard.

I should have the other one finished by tomorrow 🙂  Then my ‘silver medal’ goal will be to finish this brown scarf I’ve had on my bamboo needles for what feels like an eternity – I don’t like the yarn.  I mean, it’s fine when it’s knit up but I don’t like to knit with it.

Despite today’s grey weather, I woke up with a feeling that I just might be really productive today.  Let’s see how that goes.

Music; Knitting Olympics; Photography. February 13, 2006

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I’ve been listening to the iTunes exclusive EP Live Sessions from Iron & Wine. Definitely worth the purchase for the beautiful version of “The Trapeze Swinger” and a great cover of New Order’s “Love Vigilantes.” Not to mention the fact that “Cinder & Smoke” is one of my all time favorite songs.

If you’re in the mood for something way mellow, way soothing, and way pretty – check out Sam Beam’s great music. It sounds like summer rain feels.

Clicking the photo there will open the iTunes page for the EP. Also check out Iron&Wine.com.

There’s a bit of everything going on today – have just uploaded a couple of photos to my flickr account and am about to have lunch and get back to working on my knitting olympics project – the first WIP photo is below!

train – view more – jessica @ flickr

I’ve gone with a straightforward basic mitten pattern for my knitting olympics project and here is the progress so far.

So far the only thing I have to really work on is making my stitches tighter between needles. It is definitely something that you notice, so I’ll have to work on that for my next mitten. With the exception of not getting the increases right at first the progress so far is much better than expected, though I expect the thumb to be rather tricky as it is so bloody small.

Knitting Olympics – II February 12, 2006

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This is Day 2 at the Winter Olympic Games in Italy, but was day one for me – the day I cast-on for my Knitting Olympic project.

I never got an e-mail back from the Team Canada blog, but am considering myself a part of Team Canada anyway. Very overwhelming I’m sure for all the people organizing this kind of thing, what a response – very cool.

So I’ve been watching our women’s hockey team – missed the game against Italy yesterday, in which we won 16-0, but watched the game against Russia in its entirety (in which we won 12-0). Tuesday’s game should be a good one – the downside to the Olympics being held in another part of the world is that you have to watch things at goofy times to catch it live – like Tuesday’s 9:30AM Eastern game.

I’ve gone with mittens as my Olympic challenge – following a pattern, increasing and decreasing, and knitting in the round. While I figured out some of this stuff before, I haven’t done it all together and haven’t finished a project this way yet. So it’s all very new. I’m doing a basic mitten pattern out of a book my aunt has let me borrow. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be able to make all kinds of little alterations after this. Checked my guage, and was off during the first period.

To match my pink 2×2 rib scarf I am making pink mittens in Bernat Denim cotton/acrylic blend in weathered rose. So far it is going well, I am using the only set of DPNs I have to date which I believe are 3.25mm. Lukcily, it was just the right guage when I did my swatch. *Whew!* – I’ve knit up the cuff and I’m starting to get ready for the thumb which is the most challenging bit for me. If I can master mittens – I will next knit a hat just for fun and then I will start to really think big – sweaters.

That’s the progress so far – the first cuff of my first mitten. I have had several requests from people wanting to learn to knit, now, which is also very exciting to me. 🙂 Back to the knitting, with SnB to help instruct me through the increases I should have this down in no time!

January WIPs: More Scarves. January 21, 2006

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Scarves are great for getting the hang of certain things as new knitters.  I made a stockinette stitch with garter border scarf – something I am visiting in a current WIP while also using two strands of yarn.  The big exciting thing for me, however, is the Irish Hiking Scarf – cables!  It is also my first experience with a 100% natural fiber.

This is the two-stranded stockinette/garter scarf knit on 6.5mm needles; wanted something quick and dirty, and I’d already used some of that yarn while in the process of learning other things.  Started after the hiking scarf, I wanted to just kinda work this acrylic stuff away before buying more natural fibers to begin a new kind of project.

And now for the Irish Hiking Scarf – for the pattern, google that.  This is my first experience following a pattern, first natural fiber.  So far I am loving it.  This is Patons Classic Wool (100% Merino Wool) in Peacock Blue.  Knit on 4mm needles and I do use a cable needle, I find it easier than a DPN.