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Knitting! New FOs November 15, 2006

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Finished up a couple of knitting projects recently…

First up, AT LAST! the Irish Hiking Scarf is complete. Knit in Paton’s Classic Wool, I totally love it – took forever but it’s great, so warm.

Irish Hiking Scarf

I also knit up a 2×2 rib scarf in Paton’s Bohemian for my grandmother as a birthday gift. The colour is “Cranberry Cafe” and it’s a super bulky yarn, which, knit on giant needles (11mm) was quick and easy. Have a second similar scarf in another colour on the go, now.

2x2 Rib Scarf Close-Up

I also made a little iPod cozy … ’cause I’m a dork.

iPod Cozy

So on the go currently – another 2×2 rib, a pair of mittens to match my Irish Hiking Scarf, and still Mom’s Sophisticated Scarf.

Obviously need to be back to the knitting because THIS is coming soon..

Sudbury IV


Knitting Olympics – GOLD! March 1, 2006

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How cool is the Knitting Olympics, seriously. I just loved reading the Yarn Harlot’s post today, The Podium. Towards the end of her post she writes, and this is where I fit in, “[…] those of you who finished very quickly…let this be a lesson to you. You are more remarkable than you think you are. Aim high.”

I technically finished my mittens during the mens gold medal hockey game where Sweden took Finland in a tight match, good game. However, I managed to whip through the first mitten and then took a long break, much longer than should have allowed someone doing such a challenge to finish.

Still, I learned so much – followed a pattern again (second time doing that, after the Irish Hiking Scarf) and knit a project on DPNs for the first time. I learned how to increase, and I decreased, and I picked up stitches. I have a few scarves currently on the go that I have to whip through now before I can make something new and even more exciting.

I’m amazed at the kinds of projects I’ve seen and how quickly they’ve been completed and still so well as a part of this challenge. As I said above, how cool.

Also very cool, our athletes in Italy – what an impressive haul, with the only real disappointment being our men’s hockey team. Am I a complete dork for finding the Nelson Mandela commercial where he talks about the athletes living together for seventeen days and spending only a few moments as adversaries – what a world that would be – really touching? Probably – but that’s okay.

Knitting – FO pictures January 9, 2006

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I think one of the reasons knitting is gaining in popularity again recently is from people’s desire to create things – it really is very cool to wear something that I’ve made with my own two hands. I picked the colours, I picked the pattern or made it up myself. It fits me just exactly as I want it because I made it for me.

Maybe the fit isn’t such an important thing considering like many knitters, my first FOs were scarves. I thought I’d post, as a starting point, pictures of my to-date FOs and my current WIPs.

By the way – if you’re new to knitting, an “FO” is a finished object and a “WIP” is a work in progress.

My First Scarf
– this was actually not the first thing I finished, but it was the first thing I started again in the fall of 2005. I made it using red heart super saver acrylic yarn, ’cause I wanted something cheap with which to learn.
– the stitch was supposed to be stockinette, but as it turns out I was twisting my knit stitches; this is okay, because it turns out nicely, but it’s good to know how to properly knit and have options.
– the pattern? cast-on 28 stitches; knit ten rows; row 11: k4, p20, k4; row 12: k28; repeat from row 11 until about one inch shy of desired length; knit ten rows and bind off.

My First Scarf

– a very simple beginner scarf pattern is the 2×2 rib; this was a free Patons pattern I picked up in a store that called for 22 stitches to be cast on.
– row 1, k2, p2 for 22 stitches
– row 2, p2, k2 for 22 stitches; repeat from row 1 until desired length.
– this was the first thing I totally finished – didn’t darn the ends in well, because I didn’t know anything about that at this point; I love this scarf, I wear it all the time.
– made it using 5.5mm bamboo needles, which I love; bernat denim ‘weathered rose’ yarn which is an acrylic/cotton blend.

2x2 Rib Scarf

Cheats Fingerless Mittens
– Very fast, very easy pattern for something that isn’t a scarf! Good way to learn how to change between stitch patterns (supposed to be 2×2 rib, stockinette, and 1×1 rib – but at this point my knit stitches were still twisted); also learn to change colours, seam, and darn in ends.

cheats fingerless mittens