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A crafty blog for crafty things. Hopefully other people looking to expand their creative horizons will find the perspective of a newcomer useful. Find links to useful sites, tutorials, and other stuff on my progress on various projects.

KnittingHelp.com is a great site with videos to guide you through basic and advanced techniques. I used this site to learn how to cast on and knit in the round, and how to do a double cast on. It’s great – I sometimes find diagrams hard to follow, watching someone actually knit is much easier to follow.

knitting.about.com has some resources such as patterns (many of which are free!) and instructions. Lots of things like an explanation of knitting terms and abbreviations that can seem overwhelming at first.

YarnHarlot.ca – Knitting Olympics, a pretty fantastic idea. Challenge yourself!

Knitty.com, online knitting mag.

Flickr.com is highly addicting. Fantastic photo site, lots of interaction.

Jodie Coston’s Free Online Photography Course, great resources for a lot of the technical stuff that is easy to wrap your head around.

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1. Doug - October 17, 2007

Hi, came across your site, and was captivated by the quirky self-deprecating style of the whole thing. Why are there not more sassy individualistic people like you around. I find (sadly) that there are more free spirits from the 1960’s than the 21st century – keep being you!

2. Jessi - October 17, 2007

Hi Doug, thank you for your kind words – they came at a much needed time.

Hope to be updating again soon.

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