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Catching Up on Photo Things November 4, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in photography.

On a few days now we’ve had some snow, I feel like fall is pretty much over even though it won’t be officially for some time yet. Not that the snow stays, but when that starts happening – fall is over. Fall is a couple brief bursts of colour, bright oranges and reds, before the muted winter grey sets in. So I thought it was time to update, hugely, on all the photo happenings of the last little while. And then … AND THEN! … a knitting update. Yes, it’s that time of year!

Onto the photos…

Goose @ Andrew Hayden Park
One of the last outdoor photo adventure days I had was to Andrew Hayden Park along the Ottawa River. It was a gorgeous day, we pretty much wandered around the park taking pictures of the boats on the river and the people enjoying the park. I remember there were lots of people with kites that day, it was nice. I tried my hand at HDR a few times but that was not so successful. Stay tuned for a post on HDR at some point, but for now that’s not going so well for me.

What did work out well was the following goose photo – teeth! Little teeth!

Canada Goose

Hockey @ Scotiabank Place
The first game I attended this season was a pre-season match between Toronto and Ottawa. I had to leave about halfway through the second period and when I left we were up 1-0 thanks to Mike Fisher, but I guess I was the only one cheering hard enough ’cause we wound up losing the game. Damn. Even though the Sens have been pretty touch-and-go this season, I’m so glad hockey is back!

Sens Pre-Season: Toronto @ Ottawa, XXII

Fall Colours
Thanksgiving was gorgeous and I enjoyed a nice walk around the pond with my brother. There were loads of people out, it was very nice. Got very lucky with the look and feel of the day for the photos, it’s hard to get out and get the fall colours sometimes ’cause it’s such a hectic time of year so you’ve gotta get the right time – not too early still so full of green but once the leaves have changed youv’e got a very small window before they fall.

Pond IV

Municipal Election, 2006
Lots of stuff going on, lots of resources for those interested in the Ottawa election – check out the coverage on CBC for mayoral coverage and ward-specific coverage. The following photo is from one of the mayoral debates, this one at Kanata’s Holiday Inn Select. If you view the photo on the Flickr page you will see notes that indicate who was where ’cause it’s totally not clear from the blurry picture I snapped.

Mayoral Debate @ Holiday Inn

Welcome to Canada
After work one afternoon I decided to wander over to Parliament Hill to snap a few photos despite the overcast weather. Just as I was crossing the street I saw this guy – completely made me smile.

I don't even have hockey skates...

On that same day I decided to visit The Famous Five on the hill, as we were drawing close to the anniversary of women being declared Persons under the law. You’ve all seen the Heritage Moment. So, here’s Nellie McClung made Black & White.

Nellie McClung, B&W

Congratulations, All Around!
A few of my friends had great news in October, two couples got engaged. The first, Vik & Karen, in a proposal shared with family and friends that was very lovely. The second, Mya & Jason, in a private proposal later shared with family & friends and as Mya’s bridesmaid my first duty was to take engagement photos for the happy couple. We took off to Mackenzie King Estate (specifically the ruins) in Gatineau Park and later to the Museum of Civilization for some photo fun. It was cold but compared to the weather surrounding the day, not too bad. While I’m very happy with how some of the photos turned out, I do have some serious work to do as a portrait photographer… still, I think they’re happy with some of their photos. The following is a photo of their rings and a photo of the Mackenzie King Estate house.

Engagement Rings

Mackenzie King Estate, Gatineau

From yet another walk, I just like how this little series turned out – caught! with a camera by my brother & his girlfriend’s puppy, Bailey.


So that’s some of the photo goings-on and nearly catches us up to November. Good stuff.



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