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Y’know that night time… July 27, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in Admin Messages, photography.

.. is the right time.

This might be a little jumpy, but what can ya do. First of all, I seem to have a small consistent readership so to those of you who check in regularly, thanks! It’s cool to see how I come up in people’s searches but it’s also pretty cool to notice that (I think, anyway!) a few of you are coming back. Cheers for that.

Before I get to what prompted me to post I just thought I’d share another PhotoStitch image and point out the new set I’ve created on Flickr: PhotoStitch Images. Figured I would keep all of ’em in an easy-to-find spot. I like the tags and I could do a lot of my organization through tags in lieu of sets (say just remember to click my “Ottawa” tag instead of having an “Ottawa” set) but – well, I like sets. I heard a rumour that someone heard a rumour that Flickr is working on super-sets/sets-within-sets, so I’m looking forward to that if it’s true!

Anyway. I may have mentioned previously that I first “stitched” an image in high school by creating a large panorama with a series of 8×10 prints in black & white (an image I’ve yet to really try to recreate, eugh!). I remember being very careful, using a tripod, wanting a smooth transition. With PhotoStitch software and how easy it is I’ve learned that I don’t have to do that – really, could’ve been more creative with the prints and didn’t have to do it then, either, but hey. So here’s an example where it works and click here for a sample of when PhotoStitch isn’t always perfect. I may be able to correct that by learning more about the software, I pretty much still just let it do its thing.

Pinhey's Point: Horaceville PhotoStitch

Both of the above were recent pictures from Pinhey’s Point in Ottawa, ON. Onto the night time.. a friend and I recently decided that we wanted to take photos at night. Try the moon, some stars, long exposure fun. Unfortunately we had this moment of genius when the weather sucked – the temperature was lovely, it was a nice night to be out, but it was overcast so that meant the sky was out. Fear not, however, traffic would be a good thing to try, too.

The set is here: Long Exposure with Kasia. Things worked just as expected – tried different apertures and different shutter speeds. Mostly shot in aperture priority, never used a flash. I have two shots that stand out as favorites for me and the first is actually a bit of a disappointment. The problem with the shot is I didn’t take the time to think about composition. I was preoccupied with timing and threw my usual thoughts of composition out the window – basically the angle of the shot bothers me, it’s just boring. Still, the whole light thing as the cars turn the corner is pretty cool.


The other stand-out shot that I really like from that night isn’t of the traffic and the lights at all. The following shot is just some trees along the side of the road but I’m really pleased with it. It’s one of those things where you just kind of get lucky – with the trees, the clouds behind them, and the glow from nearby street lights. I’ve tried this shot in colour and in black & white. I like the B&W version but I think my preference is the colour.


This is definitely something I want to get out and do a lot more of, this night time thing. Hopefully these clouds will clear out soon and give us a chance to shoot some stars.



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