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Concert Photography May 22, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in music, photography.

Normally I bring my point n' shoot, Casio EX Z-30, to take pictures when I go to shows.  I'm just looking for the odd fun shot, a quick snap to help remember things.  It's easy to carry, I can put it in my pocket when I've snapped off a few that I want.  Finally, though, I tried out my SLR at a live show.  I went to see a friend of mine play and brought along the Rebel XT and let me tell you – it's quite difficult to take photos in that kind of setting.

Chad @ Urban Well, I: GIMP Edit


In this particular setting, Urban Well, there wasn't much apart from a single harsh red light over the stage.  All my photos came out red & black – looks kind of cool, representative of what things actually looked like that night, but hard on the eyes.  So I did what I could using both The GIMP and Canon's Digital Photo Professional  to remove some of the red and usually was left with almost sepia-toned images.  I like how they turned out but I'd like to have some more natural looking colours.  Will have to read up and learn how to make adjustments on my camera to account for the strange lighting.

 Chad @ Urban Well VI (B&W)

I tried most photos as they were originally vs as they look in black & white vs as they look with some editing.  Still, honestly, undecided as to what I prefer.


Check out the complete set here: Showcase Saturday @ Urban Well, Ottawa.



1. Ken Leonard - May 22, 2006

One problem I have found when shooting at some concerts is this… Some concerts announce they do not allow flash photography (but mean no photography). The security crew is always looking for the (imagined) “pro” photog. If they see a large fancy DSLR they automatically assume you are a pro and are going to sell your photos of the concert to others thus violating copyright’s. I was once asked to not take photos and when I protested the rent a cop threatened to throw me out.

Guess what I am saying is that using a small “prosumer” camera is much less obvious and you can probably get by with taking photos with this type of camera.

Ken Leonard

2. Zack - May 23, 2006

Good concept photos. Love the stage lights facing the camera in the B & W.

Good work.


3. msoddgers - June 18, 2006

The lighting and conditions change so much from show to show that there really is no substitute for experimenting over time, taking lot’s of pictures and going to see live music often.

I’m finally starting to be happy with what i get at shows, and one thing that really makes a difference is the right lens. A maximum aperture of at least 2.8 is what you need to get good flashless performance shots. 1.4 is even better. That and some luck and persistance.

Let me know if you are interested in a photographic co-pilot some night. You seem to go see bands I’ve not heard of, and I’d love to see some bands I wouldn’t go to otherwise.

4. jessicraft - June 29, 2006

Thanks to all for the feedback 🙂

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