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Concert Photography May 22, 2006

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Normally I bring my point n' shoot, Casio EX Z-30, to take pictures when I go to shows.  I'm just looking for the odd fun shot, a quick snap to help remember things.  It's easy to carry, I can put it in my pocket when I've snapped off a few that I want.  Finally, though, I tried out my SLR at a live show.  I went to see a friend of mine play and brought along the Rebel XT and let me tell you – it's quite difficult to take photos in that kind of setting.

Chad @ Urban Well, I: GIMP Edit


In this particular setting, Urban Well, there wasn't much apart from a single harsh red light over the stage.  All my photos came out red & black – looks kind of cool, representative of what things actually looked like that night, but hard on the eyes.  So I did what I could using both The GIMP and Canon's Digital Photo Professional  to remove some of the red and usually was left with almost sepia-toned images.  I like how they turned out but I'd like to have some more natural looking colours.  Will have to read up and learn how to make adjustments on my camera to account for the strange lighting.

 Chad @ Urban Well VI (B&W)

I tried most photos as they were originally vs as they look in black & white vs as they look with some editing.  Still, honestly, undecided as to what I prefer.


Check out the complete set here: Showcase Saturday @ Urban Well, Ottawa.


Concert; Cycling May 5, 2006

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One of my absolute most favorite things to do in the world is to watch music, live.  I've seen a few local shows recently, so I'll probably go back and update on what I've seen in 2006 but to start I'll fill you in on what was a great fun show: Great Big Sea @ The National Arts Centre, in Ottawa.


A few months ago a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join in on a group of people going to see Great Big Sea.  I had always heard what a great time everyone has at their shows, especially as I have a lot of friends who went to University on the east coast.  So finally the time came for us to head to the show and we all had a really great time.  It was "An Evening With…" so there was no opening act or anything, all Great Big Sea.  The first half of the show was mostly new music with the odd old folk tune – followed by a brief intermission and when we came back they were blaring Johnny Cash in the theatre, no complaints there.  The second half of the show was full of older hits, including one great sing-a-long moment which included crowd-favs everywhere like "I Fought the Law," "Blister in the Sun," "Video Killed the Radio Star," The Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" (so fun!) and – Summer of '69!

The fellas talk to the crowd a lot, telling some great stories, making the whole thing feel very cozy and fun.  In summation, they're great – check out my flickr photo set for more!



Onto the cyclingness.  When I tuned up my bike myself I had a little one kilometer ride.  I also went out in some crazy bad-ass wind we had the other day and got a whopping two kilometer ride in.  Today, as it was gorgeous out, I decided to go for a bit more of a ride.  Unfortunately, that 2km was more difficult than I had anticipated.  So instead of starting my ride at 10km, I figured 5km for a little bit would be better.  I wound up biking 6.5km!  I was very pleased with that, it took me about 20 minutes.  Next ride I will probably do the exact same thing and then I'll try an 8km ride and then map out a 10km route.


Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.