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Spring time is exercisey time. April 25, 2006

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Okay, so I might blog here about more than just craftiness and crafty things.  I think I really should call this "a beginner's blog" 'cause I hope the odd person stumbles across this who is just starting out into different things and finds this useful – you are not alone in finding your hobbies through your quarter-life crisis!

Last year I started into yoga a little bit, just in the privacy of my own home.  Something a little more into cardio and less into flexibility I would be fine with doing in front of other people but as my flexibility is now laughable (wasn't always, I was a dancer!) I feel more comfortable with Rodney Yee talking to me and only me in my Power Yoga videos.  I also have found the website ExRx.net very helpful for strength/weight training.  As for cardio, I always played sports and loved it – mostly soccer, but I dabbled in basketball, volleyball, and rugby as well.  Once I graduated from high school though and my schedule became so irregular I found it difficult to make the same committments and slacked off big time.  Eventually I realized – as my fat pants became my regular pants – that it was time to get back into that, time to stop feeling like such a lazy sod.  Only way to stop feeling that way was to stop being one.  So I took up running, but I don't really like running.  I don't stick with it for long when I start – but something I want to get back into and am just now, right now, starting to get back into is cycling.

Not used in ten years, I have a mountain bike from Canadian Tire – a purple SuperCycle "Breeze" which I remember riding with my best friend to the only store nearby at the time, the local Wal-Mart.  I am on the lookout for a new bike, but they're too rich for my yet-to-be-employed blood so I tuned 'er up to take her out in the mean time.  Also have been buying the bike accessories in the mean time.

Cycling Gear, guess I'll do that run down like a knitting pattern or my photo gear.

. Blackburn TPS-2 floor pump
. Filzer dB4LW wireless cycling computer
. Zefal 'Ping' bell
. MEC microwedgie seat bag
. Tools
… 6" wrench
… 4" vice grip
… bicycle wrench
… Louis Garneau compact tool
. Raleigh bicycle helmet

 What about a lock, you're wondering!  Yeah, I haven't picked one up yet – going to pick up one when I purchase a bike.  Maybe sooner depending on how long I wait to get a new bike.  So I'm looking to get a hybrid bicycle 'cause for now I've got a mountain bike which isn't really the right bike for the kind of riding I want to do.

Today I tuned up the old bike, which sat lonely and deflated in my basement, with the help of this tutorial.  It's very satisfying, just like all this craftiness, to work on something like that yourself.  By and large not much needed to be done – the most work came in making sure the wheels & brakes were alright, the wheels were just about perfect and I replaced the well worn-out brake pads with new ones and now I feel confident that my bike will actually stop when I want it to.  I attached my bell so I can ride legally, and unfortunately the little pouch I have is not going to fit under the kind of seat I have.  I then set up my wireless bike computer, which I tested out and it works like a charm.  Awesome.

I'm totally stoked to start riding – this is part good fitness, health & wellness, and part energy conservation for local travel.  I won't lie, this is also motivated by the desire to shed a few pounds – the warmer weather is coming and I would like to lose my winter-warming fat.

So here we go.. !  For now, on the sporty front, time to go watch the Ottawa vs Tampa Bay game.  Playoff game 3, baby, oh yeah! 



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