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Last.fm & more. February 14, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in Admin Messages, music.

So I’m having more issues with this thing – for some reason my About page has disappeared, it is a “draft” and won’t change the status to “published.” Dunno how it changed in the first place, dunno how to put it back – ugh. Maybe it’ll fix itself the way the links problem did.

In other news, I’ve signed up with last.fm finally. Have been trying to post my chart, but that’s also problematic. So when that’s ready I’ll edit this post.



1. saiko - February 17, 2006

Go to your Dashboard, from here on to Manage, under Manage take Pages, choose About and push an Edit button, when you are here look at the right toolbar panel, there is an section called Page Status, click it and put a tick in Published, instead of Draft.
It’s obvious or I’m missing something, hope it helps, if not, then sorry for spaming your blog, a nice one btw.

2. jessicraft - February 17, 2006

Thanks, Saiko – my post was kind of unclear, I see exactly what you’re talking about but anytime I select “published” it doesn’t actually publish, it just continues to stay at draft.

Thanks anyway 🙂

3. saiko - February 18, 2006

How about deleting the current one and making the new one?

4. jessicraft - February 20, 2006

Tried a new test page and then re-saved the original “About” as published rather than draft and it seems to have done the trick.

Thanks once again 🙂

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