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Music; Knitting Olympics; Photography. February 13, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in knitting, knitting olympics, music, photography, wip.

I’ve been listening to the iTunes exclusive EP Live Sessions from Iron & Wine. Definitely worth the purchase for the beautiful version of “The Trapeze Swinger” and a great cover of New Order’s “Love Vigilantes.” Not to mention the fact that “Cinder & Smoke” is one of my all time favorite songs.

If you’re in the mood for something way mellow, way soothing, and way pretty – check out Sam Beam’s great music. It sounds like summer rain feels.

Clicking the photo there will open the iTunes page for the EP. Also check out Iron&Wine.com.

There’s a bit of everything going on today – have just uploaded a couple of photos to my flickr account and am about to have lunch and get back to working on my knitting olympics project – the first WIP photo is below!

train – view more – jessica @ flickr

I’ve gone with a straightforward basic mitten pattern for my knitting olympics project and here is the progress so far.

So far the only thing I have to really work on is making my stitches tighter between needles. It is definitely something that you notice, so I’ll have to work on that for my next mitten. With the exception of not getting the increases right at first the progress so far is much better than expected, though I expect the thumb to be rather tricky as it is so bloody small.



1. Kathy - February 15, 2006

Your mittens look good so far! I’ve been wanting to try out the Bernat Denim for awhile now – how do you find it to work with?

And don’t worry about a little laddering at the needle changes, it’ll tighten right up the first time you wash them.

Go Team Canada!


2. jessicraft - February 15, 2006

Thanks, Kathy! I find it pretty good, but I’m a pretty new knitter so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison I must admit.

Ooh, I didn’t realize that that’d fix when washed – so good to know!

Go Canada Go 🙂

3. jgarlough - May 7, 2006

Whoa, fancy knitting needles. Purple metallic? They’re like disco needles or something compared to my grandma’s plain plastic pair.

D’you attend http://www.spinsandneedles.com ? You and those disco needles would fit right in….

4. jessicraft - May 7, 2006

Nope, haven’t ever been to spins & needles but it sounds familiar, I think I’ve heard about it..

When I bought the purple needles they had all kinds of wild colours which seemed to relate to the size; they’re great little needles! 🙂

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