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Knitting Olympics – II February 12, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in knitting, knitting olympics, wip.

This is Day 2 at the Winter Olympic Games in Italy, but was day one for me – the day I cast-on for my Knitting Olympic project.

I never got an e-mail back from the Team Canada blog, but am considering myself a part of Team Canada anyway. Very overwhelming I’m sure for all the people organizing this kind of thing, what a response – very cool.

So I’ve been watching our women’s hockey team – missed the game against Italy yesterday, in which we won 16-0, but watched the game against Russia in its entirety (in which we won 12-0). Tuesday’s game should be a good one – the downside to the Olympics being held in another part of the world is that you have to watch things at goofy times to catch it live – like Tuesday’s 9:30AM Eastern game.

I’ve gone with mittens as my Olympic challenge – following a pattern, increasing and decreasing, and knitting in the round. While I figured out some of this stuff before, I haven’t done it all together and haven’t finished a project this way yet. So it’s all very new. I’m doing a basic mitten pattern out of a book my aunt has let me borrow. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be able to make all kinds of little alterations after this. Checked my guage, and was off during the first period.

To match my pink 2×2 rib scarf I am making pink mittens in Bernat Denim cotton/acrylic blend in weathered rose. So far it is going well, I am using the only set of DPNs I have to date which I believe are 3.25mm. Lukcily, it was just the right guage when I did my swatch. *Whew!* – I’ve knit up the cuff and I’m starting to get ready for the thumb which is the most challenging bit for me. If I can master mittens – I will next knit a hat just for fun and then I will start to really think big – sweaters.

That’s the progress so far – the first cuff of my first mitten. I have had several requests from people wanting to learn to knit, now, which is also very exciting to me. 🙂 Back to the knitting, with SnB to help instruct me through the increases I should have this down in no time!



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