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Rasterbating – Tutorial February 7, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in photography, tutorial.

In the fall as I was working on getting through the last of my university courses I decided to take a little bit of a break for a a photo project. I had seen these types of images before and had always wanted to try one. I rasterbated one of my photographs.  Here’s how!
Step One: Pick a photo, any photo.

I took this photo of my grandfather’s camera, an Agfa Ambi Silette, using my Casio EX-Z30 point n’ shoot digital and then converted the photo to black & white using iPhoto; also made a few minor touch-ups.

Step Two: Upload the picture to your computer.

It is now ready to be rasterbated. Go to the site linked to above, upload your picture, and wait for the PDF file result. You can choose something really huge or something really small – I went with a 3×3 image.

Step Three: Print. Go to Staples or whatever company you would like, you can even do this at home – have the PDF file printed.

I had mine done in black and white and printed on card stock, though as you upload the file you can choose other colours or you can rasterbate and print in full colour.

Step Four: Cut out the borders if you forgot to tell the people at Staples to center things or if you just prefer your image without borders.

This step was kind of a pain, but what can you do. I would suggest you have a snack before you get started ’cause once you start you just want to finish.

Step Five: Come up with a way to mount it. I chose two thick pieces of mounting board stuck together as the backing. I wanted to hang the images individually on the wall but that would have cost far too much money so I went with this – a quick & dirty solution.

Step Six: Time to lay it all out and prepare to stick it all together. This isn’t so bad if you do something small like 3×3 but I’m sure it is rather tedious if you do something HUGE (check the Rasterbator site for examples of full walls being done like this – pretty cool stuff).

This is when you decide on things like whether or not you want pages to have space between them or not. I went with space.

Step Seven: Stick it all together! You’re almost done. I did this initially with double-sided tape but it wasn’t sticky enough so I went and picked up some spray-adhesive. Worked much better, so you should probably go right to that.

Ta da!

Hang ‘er up on the wall, and that’s it!  You’re done.



1. Hamza - March 5, 2007

Thanks, I’ve made some really cool ones.

2. jameswillisisthebest - September 8, 2007

This is my first post
just saying HI

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