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Knitting Olympics – I February 6, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in knitting, knitting olympics, why.

I decided that I would join the Knitting Olympics and sign up for Team Canada. This is a great year to be a sports fan (what with my Ottawa Senators being amazing, the 2006 Turino Olympics, and later the World Cup in Germany) and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great year for knitters, too. Lots of buzz everywhere about the Yarn Harlot‘s idea for a great knitting challenge, wonderful for knitters at all skill levels: The Knitting Olympics.
To date, the knitting projects I have worked on have been either scarves (five of them) or fingerless mittens (three of them) with a lone exception from several years ago when I first learned to knit and tried my hand at a ribbed hat (a UFO hiding in my closet). One of the scarves I’m working on, the Irish Hiking Scarf, is my first attempt at cables, a pattern, and natural fiber (I say first pattern as I deviated from the pattern of the OhMyStars fingerless mittens).

knitting olympics

So for the Knitting Olympics, I’m really stepping out here – I’m going to knit in the round using DPNs. While I have tried this before, I screwed it up and wound up frogging through the frustration and moved on to the OhMyStars mittens and yet more scarves. So, I’m going back to the DPNs – and I’ll try my hand at a little increase and decrease action as I make my very first pair of mittens – WITH FINGERS! Mittens, I say, and not gloves – I’m just not a fan of gloves.

So now the search for a pattern begins – I believe I will use yarn already in my stash.

Here’s what’s great about knitting, for me – I get to learn something new. With virtually every project I’ve started, even scarves, I’ve learned to do something new. I learn as I go, and I learn by reading and sharing. I’m just blown away by the knitting community, too, so far I have yet to come across anyone who is a complete snob and unwilling to help you to learn. Knitters, even and often especially the seasoned fantastic ones, are excited about their craft and excited about interest in it – it’s very cool.



1. zoom! - February 7, 2006

Go Sens Go!
And good luck in the Knitting Olympics!

2. jessicraft - February 7, 2006

Thank you! And good luck to you as well 🙂

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