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PhotoStitch. January 21, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in photography.

I’m pretty impressed with how this photo stitch thing works.  The programme was part of the software package that came with my Canon Digital Rebel XT.

I made another stitched image which is about 20,000 pixels wide by 5,000 high. It’s surprisingly quick and easy. This is definitely a tool I’ll be using more and more, I think it’s fantastic. One of my favorite photo projects back in high school was creating a panoramic image by standing in one place and piecing photographs together. I took five 8.5×11″ black & white photos of a pond in the winter and mounted them on a blue backing. It’s actually a really horrible photograph, not well focused, poor contrast, very grainy. Still, I really like it. Would be interesting to go back to the same spot now and re-take the photo, see what I can come up with digitally. The original was done on Agfa 100 b&w film with the Canon FT QL, compare now with the Digital Rebel XT (which is new, as opposed to the FT QL which was about 30 and in need of a tune-up at the time). Sounds like a project for this weekend.



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