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Knitting – FO pictures January 9, 2006

Posted by jessicraft in fo, knitting.

I think one of the reasons knitting is gaining in popularity again recently is from people’s desire to create things – it really is very cool to wear something that I’ve made with my own two hands. I picked the colours, I picked the pattern or made it up myself. It fits me just exactly as I want it because I made it for me.

Maybe the fit isn’t such an important thing considering like many knitters, my first FOs were scarves. I thought I’d post, as a starting point, pictures of my to-date FOs and my current WIPs.

By the way – if you’re new to knitting, an “FO” is a finished object and a “WIP” is a work in progress.

My First Scarf
– this was actually not the first thing I finished, but it was the first thing I started again in the fall of 2005. I made it using red heart super saver acrylic yarn, ’cause I wanted something cheap with which to learn.
– the stitch was supposed to be stockinette, but as it turns out I was twisting my knit stitches; this is okay, because it turns out nicely, but it’s good to know how to properly knit and have options.
– the pattern? cast-on 28 stitches; knit ten rows; row 11: k4, p20, k4; row 12: k28; repeat from row 11 until about one inch shy of desired length; knit ten rows and bind off.

My First Scarf

– a very simple beginner scarf pattern is the 2×2 rib; this was a free Patons pattern I picked up in a store that called for 22 stitches to be cast on.
– row 1, k2, p2 for 22 stitches
– row 2, p2, k2 for 22 stitches; repeat from row 1 until desired length.
– this was the first thing I totally finished – didn’t darn the ends in well, because I didn’t know anything about that at this point; I love this scarf, I wear it all the time.
– made it using 5.5mm bamboo needles, which I love; bernat denim ‘weathered rose’ yarn which is an acrylic/cotton blend.

2x2 Rib Scarf

Cheats Fingerless Mittens
– Very fast, very easy pattern for something that isn’t a scarf! Good way to learn how to change between stitch patterns (supposed to be 2×2 rib, stockinette, and 1×1 rib – but at this point my knit stitches were still twisted); also learn to change colours, seam, and darn in ends.

cheats fingerless mittens



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